wine Shop Philosophy

Amid wine and art, taste is blended with beauty

“Artists and poets continue to find the meaning of life in a glass of wine”

When taste is combined with beauty, when the Dionysian meets Apollonian, when good comes together with beauty... a blend of elegance and creativity comes together called Wine Shop Philosophy.

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From the ‘Melting Pot’ wine coolers in multicolored plexiglass to the ‘Hills’ change holders that depict the landscape of Guia and Valdobbiadene, from the counter displays ‘Specchio’ and ‘Ghiaccio’ to the ‘Cristiana’ wine coolers, from the prestigious ‘Frammenti’ vase in glazed ceramic to the sinuous bottles, Foss Marai proposes works of art in limited edition and exclusive displays. These are the unique creative projects of Shop Philosophy, made by artists and designers selected personally by the Biasiotto Family

vineyards in the valdobbiadene region

In Italy the grapes become fully ripe between mid-summer and late October: this is the time for harvesting wine grapes. The vineyards are abuzz with activity and the work in the wine cellars is frenetic. This is the most important time of year for wine production.

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