Special Spumante: Italian Sparkling Wine

The Special Spumanti

Research, experimentation and care are the basis of our Italian sparkling wines

Some labels do not fit into any category. Bottles that express a constant research, continuous experimentation and meticulous care for details. These are our Special sparkling wines. These wines tell, perhaps better than others, the love that unites Carlo Biasiotto's family with their land, and with every single product that comes from this very special territory.


Roös is created from the Foss Marai ability to rediscover autochthonous grape varieties that are no longer used and are highly prestigious.


Surfine Cuvèe Brut

Surfine Cuvèe Brut, the most refined version of the historic Cuvèe, preserves and exalts the Foss Marai style. Foss Marai. to further refine its product, ages a part of the base wine in smaller vats for less than 6 months - adopting the Micro Oxygenation technique - with the aim of ageing the noble tannins contained and enhancing the sapidity of the famous Cuvèe Brut’s base. The rest of the wine is aged in steel (surlie ageing).


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